Great Red Romanian Wine “Anima – 3 Fete Negre” presented in “Ceausescu House”

Aurelia Visinescu – Domeniile Sahateni is a family business that was founded in 2003 by Aurelia Vișinescu and her cousin Steve Cacenco. Quality is the watchword of this winery, so the location is not chosen at random. Today, the winery has 82 hectares of vineyards and is located in the center of Dealu Mare vineyard, on the hills surrounding the Carpathian Mountains. Being located in Buzău County, only 8 km from Mizil, it stretches from the base of the Istriței Hills (Săhățeni) to their peak, in the communes of Năeni and Fințești. In the latter, red grape varieties are grown that are left for late ripening.

Vin rosu sec, Aurelia Visinescu, Anima 3 Fete Negre, 750ml -

This assemblage of 3 Fete Negre , black maidens, 2014, 2015 & 2016 vintages of Feteasca Neagra, aged for up to 3 years in romanian oak barrels, med+ruby, purple hues. Dried plum and fig, black currants, sour cherries, violets and some herbal notes, along some dark chocolate, clove, red pepper and smoked oak, high acid.

We had the oportunity to serve 3 Fete Negre in a special atmosphere in Ceausescu House for a special event organised by a Multinational Corporation which visit the House and after organised a special Dinner in the living room of the House.

The presentation of the wine was made on the terrace of the house in a beautiful garden and the honor of presenting this wine was made by the sommelier Alin Mihalcea.

Wine Decanter sugested by Alin

Wine Decantor

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What does a wine aerator do ?

When aerating younger wines, an aerator simply serves as a vessel for carefully exposing young wine to oxygen before it is consumed.  Exposing wine to oxygen allows the young wine to breathe and open up. Some frequently heard comments expressed by wine drinkers after tasting aerated wine are: the wine has a better bouquet, the flavors are more enhanced and a smoother finish.

I don’t personally recommend using a wine aerator for older wines with sediment. The sediment can clog the filter or the device, resulting in wine spills or extra time at the kitchen sink. With older bottles of wine, we prefer using a decanter and enjoying the entire bottle with friends!

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Wine Aerator Summary

Aerating wine simply exposes wine to oxygen in a controlled manner. Today’s busy lifestyles don’t always allow us to plan in advance and use traditional methodologies like decanters.

Much of the wine purchased and consumed is drank within the first two weeks. Wine aerators can increase the enjoyment of wine, especially when a single person or couple just wants to enjoy one glass in an evening.

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