Fashion or Wine LIfestyle ? What they have in common ?

What is the connection between Fashion and Wine ?  Well, Wine is far more a Fashion item than a grocer item.  How so?  Fashion apparel is built for desuetude.  Every season of every year begin with a new line of clothes rolling off the trucks into department stores.  If you ever wondered why department stores have crazy 80% off kind of sales, now you know… they have to get rid of the prior season, because the new season will be hitting the stores soon.  Can’t have last year’s spring line on the racks this year.

Dress Me Up

Wine is not that different because have different vintages, varietals and appellations . All of those nuances in wine create an inventory item with the built-in obsolescence of this year’s spring collection of dresses at a department store.  Just like a fashion line is judged each year, wine vintages are too judged as good or bad.  Wine has another issue… while you can make fewer dresses, grapes continue to get harvested every year.  Wine has to be made, regardless of inventory levels.

Imagine de stoc gratuită din băuturi alcoolice, elegant, gust, lux

The other strong similarity wine has with fashion is the label on the wine.  Wine quality and pricing are critical components in building successful brands.  Just as important is the label.  In a sea of product selection options, a wine label has to grab the attention of the consumer in a fraction of a second.  In that moment, the label is trying to communicate the essence of this wine.

Some fashion apparel styles come and go and others never change. Wines are the same way.  Some have been around decades, but most come and go.

” In Wine We Trust ”

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